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Revise the letter sound /r/

Session aims : Revise the letter /r/ and the other letter sounds seen.

Listen to letter sounds and show the right flashcard; write letter sounds and words; describe a picture; read the words; name these flashcards; create a Revision sheet for the letter sound /r/.

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Listen to the sounds of these letters and show me the right flashcard. Record yourself.

First activity

Second activity

Write these letters.

Third activity

Look at this picture. What do you see?

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Fourth activity

Write three words (that you have learnt) that start with the sound /r/

Fifth activity

Read the words.

Sixth activity

Name these flashcards. In which picture don’t you hear the sound /r/? Circle it.

Seventh activity

Create your Revision and Activity sheet for the letter sound /r/.


Conditions d'utilisation

  • Listen, speak, write, read 

  • Describe a picture

  • Create your revision sheet.