The Fenix School, your Distance Learning Partner

Updated: Feb 17

Founded in 2018, The Fenix School is an innovative bilingual Primary School that offers a holistic education based on academic and communication skills, creativity and autonomy.

Our Distance Learning Programme:

Since January 2022, we have chosen to offer 5-11 year old pupils a Distance Learning Programme through which they can stay home safely and follow a high standard education based on modern teaching approaches such as Project-based-Learning. A real innovation in our country!

Our Package:

Our Distance Learning Package consists of:

A creative kit Access to our online platform Weekly Online Sessions

At the beginning of each period, our pupils get a creative kit and a code to access our online platform (and the homework - which they send to their teachers via a drop box).

Twice a week, they have online sessions with their teachers.

Their work and oral participation are assessed and weekly comments are sent to their parents.

Deadline for Registration to our second module: Friday 25th February

Price: Rs 7500 (for a 6-week module)

Learn more: Find out more about our Distance Learning Programme and register your child to our second module ‘My First World Tour’ (from 28th February to 8th April):

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