Learning with your head, heart, body and hands

At The Fenix School, we have adopted the philosophy of Learning not only with your head (academic subjects) but also with your heart (artistic modules), your body (sports) and your hands (hands-on discovery workshops and transdisciplinary projects).

Learning with your head:

This requires an adaptation phase in which teachers verify the pupils’ prior knowledge to see how they learn. We slowly install routines and encourage our pupils’ effort. We help them discover their preferences. We create a context in which they can start enjoying coming to school and being in our classes. We show them how to use their head to learn new things.

In the ‘academic’ modules, they learn different contents, of course, but also different approaches that target all learning styles to help them develop general knowledge and specific skills.

Learning with your heart:

Because emotions play a fundamental role in a child’s life, our mission is to show our pupils (through storytelling, brainstorming, body expressions...) how to recognise and name their emotions. Anger and fear can be terrible emotions to cope with for our little ones while pleasure of discovering new things, the joy of doing by themselves and the pride of succeeding can lead to happiness.

Learning with your body:

We need our body to learn. It is necessary that our pupils get the chance to move, train their body, understand how to use it and avoid hurting themselves.

Learning with your hands:

We believe that our pupils need to learn how to use their hands to be fully independent. Children love creating, manipulating, learning how things work and building new objects or repairing broken ones. They like discovering and

we are there to show them the way. Our ideal is that our pupils can discover a passion where they did not expect to. As an example, we have organised a simple photo session in our garden (with the help of ‘our’ parents): each pupil was equipped with a digital camera and spent some time taking pictures of the trees and plants around them. The result was amazing! Some of them discovered that they have a true passion for photography. Their pictures were indeed very artistic.

On the long-term, our objective is to help our pupils get a positive image of themselves so that they can grow in harmony. They can be good in maths or languages or they can find a passion for sports, arts or hands-on workshops which - at the end of the day - can trigger an interest for maths, sciences and languages. Everything is now possible.

Should you wish to find out more about our school and/or register your child at The Fenix School, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Admissions in Grade 1 for January 2021 are ongoing (until the end of June 2020).

Looking forward to meeting modern parents who believe in our philosophy of education.

Thank you!

Ornella Moothoo

Principal of The Fenix School

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