Hansel and Gretel Creative Art Contest

On the occasion of the forthcoming theatre production of Hansel and Gretel (this weekend), The Fenix School participated to the National Creative Art Contest around Hansel and Gretel organised by the Caudan Arts Center.

During one week (from 19th to 22nd January), our pupils reflected with their teacher, Livia, on how to capture their favourite Hansel and Gretel moment and show their interpretation of the tale.

They chose to focus on the witch house and show the contrast between the external aspect of the house and what is actually in it. Therefore, the art work is divided in two sides: a bright side with colourful flowers, a bird and a butterfly that invite Hansel and Gretel in ; and a darker side with a giant spider hidden behind the house, a black butterfly and a huge ant - as a warning that things are not always as they seem...

As an extra-curricular activity (done every day at the end of the break), Livia led her pupils to paint, cut, fold and stick small elements that all together made a collective piece of art - to which the teachers have added a few extras. The result is very satisfactory and... will be exhibited in the lobby of the Caudan Arts Centre on 30th and 31st January before the show!!!

For your information: The adaptation of the famous tale of the Brothers Grimm is a one-hour show filled with excitement and fun, meant for children and families in English.

We have a surprise for you and your little one... Let’s keep in touch!

Meanwhile, a big round of applause for Livia and her team!

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