Gruffalo Party at The Fenix School

We all like celebrating Halloween, right? And this year, we had the pleasure of being invited to THE Gruffalo Party on Friday, 30th October at The Fenix School.

But first things first: what on earth is a Gruffalo?!

A Gruffalo has orange eyes and a black tongue. He has knobbly knees and turned-over toes. He has terrible claws and terrible teeth. Here he is:

Now, what do we eat in a Gruffalo Party?

Well, we eat what the Gruffalo likes eating:

Snacks: scrambled snake

Main course: roasted Fox

Desert : Owl ice cream

And what do we do in a Gruffalo Party?

First, we dress up and go on a fashion show. Then, we go a treat hunt and share The Gruffalo’s favourite good. The rest of the time, we play together (Ghost Bowling, Halloween twister and other fun games).

A special thanks to Livia who planned and carried out the whole activity all by herself. Was great fun! Thanks to the whole team and parents for their usual support.

Hope you all had a happy Halloween.

Take care!

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