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The Fenix School is a private bilingual primary school that has been offering online courses to its pupils since last lockdown (March-June 2020).

Because we see the positive impact our courses have on our pupils, we would like to extend our online courses to other pupils (from other schools) in order to offer them a routine and intellectual challenges during this lockdown period.

Interested parents could sign in with The Fenix School for 5 fun and interactive online courses that will be delivered from 12th April to 21st May:

Course 1: Français lecture-compréhension + découverte/pratique de l’écrit

Course 2: English Listening and Speaking + Reading and writing

Course 3: Maths

Course 4: science

Course 5: Book club


When signing in with The Fenix School, parents will agree to sign our data protection and confidentiality clause and will have a password to access our online platform;

Our courses are meant for Grade 1-3 pupils ONLY;

A laptop and an internet connection are required;

Our classes are in English and French;

Our dedicated teachers will correct, assess and comment the work sent by the pupils;

After this period, parents are not bound to continue with The Fenix School (but could).

Our fees:

Package (12th April-21st May): Rs 7500 (for 30 hours)

No registration fee will be charged for the online courses.

Deadline for registration: Friday, 9th April at noon

Learn more about our online courses:

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Une deuxième semaine confinée placée sous le signe des émotions

Une histoire pour Pâques.

Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Fenix School

Tel: 5 915 02 51


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