Fenix Goes Spanish

Did you know that The Fenicians will start learning Spanish in Grade 2 next year?

As a Language Teacher, it was absolutely necessary for me to offer a special treatment to Languages, starting with English and French in Grade 1, adding Spanish as from Grade 2 and why not another language in Grade 4, 5, 6?

I do strongly believe that language learning is of huge importance. It is not only about learning how to say words in another language but to be able to understand how people from other cultures think and live: What do they eat or wear? What do they like doing ? How does a day at school look like? This understanding is the first step towards tolerance and open-mindedness, one of our main missions at The Fenix School.

Learning a language also gives young learners new opportunities to understand songs, TV programmes, books... in different languages. And later to study abroad, work for foreign institutions, teach foreign languages...

The introduction of a third language to The Fenix School Curriculum as from Grade 2 is a clear positioning regarding the importance of language learning in our society, especially for us, living on an island. At the end of their primary years, our pupils would master English and French and would certainly have a great level in Spanish and... German?

Join The Fenix School Family and give your child the opportunity to grow in a modern structure that puts languages at the heart of its educational process.

We are always happy to meet parents for a visit of our school and share with them our vision of education. Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you need further information about our primary school. We still have 3 seats available in Grade 2 for the School Year 2020.

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