Fenix goes Digital!

In 2021, our bilingual primary school will go one step further with the introduction of Digital Literacy in grade 3. This new module aims at helping our pupils use communication tools in an efficient and conscious way.

Learn more about this programme here.

Our Digital Literacy Workshop on Wednesday, 28th October:

To give our pupils an incentive of this new module and to introduce them to their new teacher, a Digital Literacy Workshop took place at The Fenix School on Wednesday 28th October.

Our pupils (and their parents) were welcomed by their new teacher with a QR code. After scanning it, they could access the internet page with the Programme of the Day. How an amazing start, don’t you think?

After a short introduction, we played a well-known game to break the ice and show how important it is to communicate in a clear way and what could be the consequences of an unclear message.

Parents and pupils were then asked to pair-up and to express a point of view on "what is communication?"

As time went really fast, we finished the workshop on a creative note - trademark of The Fenix School - a quiet moment for the information to sink in and for families to share a moment.

Thanks to the whole team for preparing and entertaining this workshop, to the parents for their presence and participation and of course to our amazing pupils for being interested with everything we introduce them to.

Until our next event, take care of yourselves !

The Fenix Team

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