At The Fenix School, we believe that in this ever-changing globalised world, academic skills alone are not enough and that our students need to be equipped with skills to apply knowledge in their everyday life.


We also think that there is too much competition, testing, rankings going on in our country and we want to offer an alternative primary school system based on less tests/exams for our children to evolve in a stress-free environment, more FUN, CREATIVITY & PLAY, EXPLORATION but STILL NOT COMPROMIZING ON ACADEMIC LEARNING.


Our curriculum is based on 10 principles:


  1. provide our pupils with a bilingual education (French-English) through storytelling, role play, book club, creative writing...

  2. promote arts and drama as key features to develop communication skills and creativity

  3. cultivate cross-cutting skills

  4. teach within multi-age groups

  5. encourage general knowledge and critical thinking

  6. give our pupils tools to explore and question the world around them

  7. integrate creativity and play in all projects

  8. promote collaboration (quiz, group work, projects, research, role play...) as well as autonomy (individual tasks)

  9. participate in cultural and educational field trips 

  10. include ICT in the learning process (through our online platform)



  • English 

  • French 

  • Spanish 

Other core subjects:

  • Maths 

  • History and geography 

  • Science 

Main objectives:

Guide children to become literate (listen, speak, read and write)

Promote the appreciation of books/ literature

Organize creative and fun activities around books

Develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific and mathematical concepts

Observe and describe what’s around us

Value our culture and respect others as unique individuals

Discover cultural and linguistic aspects of other countries

Know some facts about countries (capital city, language, artists...)

Acquire skills to develop and express critical thinking

Implement these concepts and skills in our everyday life

Enhance the child’s sense of responsibility



  • Visual Arts 

  • Craft

  • Drama 

Main objectives:

Allow creativity

Use body language to express oneself


Promote creativity and collaborative learning

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To implement these principles in our daily practices, we use an integrated approach (such as theme-based learning, project based learning or phenomenon based learning) that transcends subjects, allowing our pupils to view this interconnected world through a wider lens.


Please watch the teaser for our Distance Learning Programme in January-February 2022:





Should you wish to find out more about The Fenix School Distance Learning Programme, please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call. We are always very enthusiastic to meet parents who believe in our vision of education and talk about our projects.


Do not hesitate to send us a mail or give us a call for more information.