We believe each boy and girl has the potential for excellence.

Therefore, at The Fenix School, we have adopted a broad and progressive curriculum where ALL subjects are valued and taught as from Grade1. Each following year, it is planned that one ‘discovery’ subject should be offered to the pupils (such as Spanish/ German, Digital Literacy/Computer Sciences, Design and Technology/Home Economics).

Some subjects (such as science) will be taught more intensively as from Grade 4.


Our curriculum will equip our pupils with a breadth of knowledge and skills in all areas.


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(Grades 1-3)



  • English (2 hours a week)

  • French (2 hours a week)

  • Spanish (1 hour a week in Grade 2)

Other core subjects:

  • Maths (2 hours a week) - taught in English

  • history and geography (1 hour a week) - taught in English

  • Science (1 hour a week) - taught in French

  • NEW in 2021: Digital Literacy (1 hour a week in Grade 3)

Main objectives:

Encourage children to become literate (listen, speak, read and write)

Develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific and mathematical concepts

Observe and describe what’s around us

Value our culture and respect others as unique individuals

Acquire skills to develop and express critical thinking

Implement these concepts and skills in our everyday life.

SPORTS (3 hours a week)

NEW in 2021: Monkeynastix (1 hour a week)

Main objectives:

Develop body and spatial awareness

Develop motor and technical skills

Compete and collaborate

Adopt and maintain a good posture (Grade 3)

Understand the human anatomy (Grade 3)


  • Visual Arts (1 hour a week)

  • Music (1 hour a week)

  • Drama and Dance (1 hour a week)

  • Craft in Grade 1 (1 hour a week in Grade 1)

Main objectives:

Develop active listening and sing

Allow creativity

Use body language and poetry to express oneself


Specialise in Dance and Theatre (Grades 5 and 6)


Creativity Action Skills: 1 hour a week in a multi-age group

Main objectives:

Encourage critical thinking and questioning

Enhance the child’s sense of responsibility

Develop global capacity of the child

Communicate and act differently

Promote creative and collaborative learning

DISCOVERY WORKSHOPS- 1 hour a week in a multi-age group


Main objectives:

Learn a variety of subjects for their personal knowledge, development and enjoyment

Be an active member of the school community (write blogs for the school’s website, develop the school’s newspaper and radio)

Discover foreign languages (German, Spanish) to travel, understand other cultures better and be tolerant

Find answers to their questions

Be an informed citizen and protect your personal data (digital Literacy)

Use their hands to be independent in all circumstances (woodwork, mechanics, landscaping)

Work in autonomy

Find out more about our school.


Our objective is to nurture the general knowledge and personal development of all children through our innovative curriculum and teaching methods.

Our classes are so airy, light and colourful as to make our 30-minute lessons captivating and tailored to the needs of 21st century learners. We are dedicated to respecting and fostering individuality as well as the pursuit of excellence. Our pupils pursue a bilingual education thanks to a host of activities that make learning a joyful journey towards greater open-mindedness and acceptance.

Language learning, sports, artistic projects and practical workshops help each individual rejoice in their varied abilities.

Through CAS (Creativity, Action and Skills), our pupils can reinvest the knowledge and skills learnt in the different subjects we offer at The Fenix School.

We design pedagogical practices that facilitate positivity within the classroom. One of the best examples is the chart ‘a vos plumes’ that we have designed to encourage pupils to know their strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses. This tool is 100% Fenixian but has been inspired by the Montessori Method.



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The Fenix School is a unique school set within a well-appointed building and a lush garden in the quiet, centrally situated area of St Paul.