Project 2: My First World Tour   

Your mission: Take your suitcase and go on board The Fenix Airline. Discover four Spanish Speaking Countries and learn everything you can about their culture and traditions. 

When you come back from your World Tour, play your Game of Cards with your family and friends. 

Audio track- Listen to the welcoming message

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Accomplish a specific task in autonomy

Discover Spanish Speaking countries and test their knowledge with a funny Game of Cards

Learn some words in Spanish and introduce oneself

Interact, read and write in English 

Be creative and play!

Do you have any questions on this project? Please share them with us. We'll be happy to answer you. 

THANK YOU for flying with The Fenix Airline. We really hope to see you on another flight. 

See you soon!

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Read the foreword in your Travel Guide and fill in your passport

 Have a look at your plane ticket and complete the information in your Travel Guide

Learn some words in Spanish and fill in your badge

Participate in the Tapas Contest and win a trip to Malaga

Read the invitation sent by Les Amis de Picasso and visit The Museo Picasso

Do the puzzles in your suitcase and discover the wildlife in Cabo Blanco

Color the post card of Machu Picchu

Meet Frida Kahlo and draw your self-portrait following her inspiration

Read the email sent by the Mayor of Mexico City and create an ofrenda a Frida

Play your Game of Cards "My First World Tour"

Simple Rules: 

The set of cards is divided in six categories: 1) speechless challenges, 2) Common Facts, 3) Funny Arts, 4) headless Chicken, 5) Misplaced? and 6) Fun Facts. 

1) There are four cards in each category. Regroup them and make 6 piles on the table.

2) Roll the dice, pick a card in the specific category and do the action written on the card.

The winner is the one who scores 6 points. He/ she gets the sticker (I am the winner in Spanish).


What if two players score 6 points? 

There is one bonus question in the set of cards. The winner is the one who finds the right answer first.


Rules and Regulations

  • Listen to the welcoming message

  • Get ready for the World Tour

  • Discover four Spanish speaking countries

  • Decorate your suitcase

  • Play your Game of Cards.