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Mr Wolf's pancakes

Session aim : Conclude this period with the end of the story played by the pupils themselves.

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Recap a story heard; guess the end of a story; listen to the end of a story and draw it; express a point of view; read an instruction and play a role using polite forms.

00:00 / 00:25

Audio file- Guess the end...

Do you remember how the story stopped?

Could you please guess the end of the story? Record your answer.

00:00 / 01:47

Audio file- The end of the story

Listen to the end of the story and draw your story map.

So, what happened? Were you expecting such an end?

00:00 / 01:12

Audio file- Sketch "Another End..."

What if the characters of the book had been nicer to Mr Wolf? How could the story have ended?

Organise a virtual meeting and play the sketch “Another end is possible”. Please feel free to dress-up.


Conditions d'utilisation

  • Recap the story of Mr Wolf

  • Guess the end of the story

  • Express a point of view

  • Play a role with classmates.