Module 3: L'univers des contes 

Subjects involved in this third module:  History/ Cultural Heritage, Arts and Craft, French/French Literature, Math.

The objectives of this third module:


Improve Reading and Writing skills in French

Analyse a well-known children story.

Discover Mauritius Cultural Heritage (in our creative kit):

Discover Charles Baissac and one of his fairy tales

Compare two versions of the same story

Discover some Mauritian Sirandanes, a famous lullaby and legend

Write your own version of your favourite fairy tale

Tell your story 

Test your knowledge with a quiz and a game.

Maths (on our online plateforme): 

Revise calculation (addition, subtraction and multiplication)

Work on money and currencies

Solve problems.

Arts and Craft (in our creative kit):

Participate in hands-on activities

Draw a portrait

Create a book.

Transdisciplinary skills: 

Work in autonomy

Be creative.