Project 2: My First World Tour   

Length, Time, Weight

Main objectives : Learn everything about how to measure Length, Time and Weight. 

Convert lengths and weight

Tell time

Build objects

Solve problems.

Learn how to measure and convert lengths. 

Solve problems related to distance measurement.

Learn everything about time and build your hourglass and watch.

Solve the problems related to time.

Build your scale, compare the weight of objects and convert weight.

Solve problem related to weight.

Thursday: 15-16: 00

Do you have any questions on this project? Please share them with us. We'll be happy to answer you. 

See you soon!

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Rules and Regulations

  • Measure distance

  • Convert lengths and weight

  • Discover the multiplication table

  • Tell time

  • Solve problems 

  • Do hands-on activities.