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Lemonade in Winter

''Session Aims: Reuse the vocabulary seen in Term 1; Understand that the storytakes place in winter and that it is cold (in opposition to summer: warm) Express an opinion/ idea; Be creative.''

Lemonade in Winter.jpg

Identify the two characters on the cover (a boy and a girl), what they are doing (“drinking” lemonade), how they are dressed (winter clothes) and where they are (outside, in the snow); Tell a story; And record it 

Aims and outcomes

First activity

Listen to the questions and answer by yes or no.

 Audio-Yes or No

00:00 / 00:44

Second activity

listen to the audio and tell your story. Record yourself then send us your audio here (file share).


00:00 / 00:25

Third activity

Doc   Cadre peinture

 Audio-Paint a Winter scene

00:00 / 00:06


Work Sheet 

Conditions d'utilisation

  • English

  • Vocabulary

  • Creativity

  • Story


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