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Lemonade in Winter

Session Aims: Encourage our pupils to express themselves in English, reusing the vocabulary learnt along the way; use real-life material to create an incentive for every child.

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Watch videos and answer to questions; make a choice and justify an answer; draw and explain a drawing.


First activity

Discover the three lemonade stands:

Video 1: Hayyan and Muhammad

Video 2: Harshika, Melya and Tiana

Video 3: Dwain

Fourth activity

Draw you ideal lemonade stand and explain it to me. Record yourself.

Write one sentence under you drawing (with the help of mum or dad).

Third activity

Choose the stand you would like to go to and explain why. Record yourself. 

Example: I would like to go to Tiana’s Lemonade Stand because I think that she dances very well.

Second activity

Answer to those four questions:

Who is taking care of the Lemonade stand 1?

What are Harshika, Melya and Tiana doing?

With what decorations have Melya, Tiana and Harshika decorated their stand?

Is Dwain advertising?

  • English

  • Watch videos

  • Answer to questions

  • Make a choice

  • Justify an answer

  • Draw

  • Explain a drawing.