Kit 2:  My First World Tour 

Welcome onboard The Fenix Airline!

You have embarked on a Discovery Trip to Spanish Speaking countries to find out more about some aspects of the hispanic culture.


Buen Viaje!

Our creative and educational kit "My First World Tour" contains:

  • An envelope full of surprises (spoiler: a welcoming letter, a flight ticket, a world map and a passport)

  • A Travel Guide about four Spanish Speaking Countries

  • A creative kit: a poster to color, eco-friendly colored pencils, a puzzle, stickers of flags, a frame, a badge, a pattern of a dice 

  • A letter from Les Amis du Musée Picasso 

  • A set of cards to test your knowledge and play with your family/ friends

  • A step by step instructions guide.

The objectives and advantages of our kit:

  • an engaging context and a fun task to accomplish 

  • children have all the tools needed to do the project by themselves 

  • promoting reading skills (understand instructions to accomplish a task)

  • hands-on activities 

  • discover 4 Spanish Speaking countries, their flags, some famous monuments and artists, their artwork and artistic movement, festivities and food 

  • Learn some words in Spanish

  • Be creative and play with family/ friends. 

Practical information:

Subjects involved in this kit: English, Spanish, History and Geography, arts and craft.

Age group : 5 - 11

Teaching approach: Project-based-Learning 

Price: Rs 2000

Order our kit: 

Should you wish to order our kit, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always very enthusiastic to talk to parents who believe in our vision of education and introduce our projects to them. Thank you!