Due to the dramatic sanitary situation, The Fenix School has decided to promote Project-Based-Learning (PBL) in order to keep pupils intellectually stimulated, interested and engaged in their learning but also to make sure that they are doing all these in a safe environment. 

Of course, this means reinventing the way we design our lessons so that the content matches the needs of our modern learners AND the current situation we are facing as parents and teachers.

This is how we came up with our first creative and educational kit "Une idée de génie", a DIY Board Game 100% Made in Fenix and inspired by the short story written by Olivier Dupin. In this story, a monkey arrives in a village with a genius idea in mind...he challenges the animals of the forest who are thrilled to take the challenge. But before reaching the monkey, they will have to follow a trail...This is where our game starts! 

Our creative and educational kit "Une idée de genie"

Our backpack contains all the necessary tools that the children will need to do their board game:

  • a creative kit (board game to be painted, paint, foam and origami paper, Loko Dough)

  • a 12 pages activity booklet about Mauritian Endemic Species and playing cards

  • a simple instruction guide for parents.

The advantages of our kit:

This kit will enable your child to:

  • Read and understand instructions 

  • Write by following instructions 

  • Be creative 

  • Use his/her hands to create an unique object 

  • Count 

  • Make a solid shape

  • Enter an imaginative world and play a role (the animals of the forest who take the monkey's challenge)

  • Discover one aspect of the natural heritage of our island (Endemic species)

  • Create his/ her own board game and play with his/ her family


Practical information:

Subjects involved in this kit: French, math, science, arts and craft.

Age group : 5 - 11

Teaching approach: Project-based-Learning 

Price: Rs 2000

Order our kit: 

Should you wish to order our kit, please do not hesitate to fill in our contact form below or give us a call. We are always very enthusiastic to talk to parents who believe in our vision of education and introduce our projects to them. Thank you!


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