ADMISSION FOR JANUARY/ April 2022 (in Grade 1-4)

Dear parents,


Before introducing my bilingual primary school, I would like to introduce myself shortly.


After graduating in Science of Education (Bachelor’s Degree) and Foreign Languages (Master’s Degree), I had the opportunity to gather eleven years of teaching experience in three prestigious schools in Mauritius. The Fenix School was born on the 12th year with one major strength and motivation: My Expertise as an educator and my commitment to the Excellence of my pupils.


Our curriculum has been designed to provide our pupils with a bilingual education thanks to a host of activities that make learning a joyful journey and encourage LESS competition among our pupils and MORE collaboration, encouragement and socio-emotional skills.


Last but not least, with a capacity of 8 children per grade, The Fenix School offers, YOU, parents, an Exclusive education for your child: a child-centered approach, intellectually challenging content, high level interactions and creative tasks.


Should you wish to find out more about The Fenix School, please do not hesitate to have a look at our website and give us a call. We are always very enthusiastic to meet parents who believe in our modern and dynamic vision of education.


I thank you for considering The Fenix School


From Knowledge We Rise


Ornella Moothoo

School principal and Language Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Education

Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages


REGISTRATION FEE - NORMAL PRICE: Rs 30,000 (50% off during the COVID-19 period)

Parents are asked to pay a registration fee as a pledge that they have chosen The Fenix School. The registration fee is a one-off fee. It is non-refundable. However, they can be paid after a SIX WEEK TRIAL PERIOD at the beginning of the school year.

These fees are used for infrastructural improvements.

IN THESE DIFFICULT TIMES, The Fenix School wants to help parents and offers 50% off the registration fees and a payment facility (Rs 5000 over 3 months).

If you wish to register a second child at The Fenix School, you will have 50% off the registration fee for your second child.


The monthly fees are payable from January to December. 

If you choose to register a second child at The Fenix School, you will have 10% off the monthly fees for your second child.


This is due at the beginning of the school year and covers the whole year.


All the documents below are required to register a child at The Fenix School:



  • Birth certificate of the child.

  • Copy of the school report.

  • Copy of the child's health record (vaccination booklet).

  • Release certificate from the previous school.

  • National I.D cards of both parents. 

  • Residence permits for foreign nationals.

  • Proof of address.



Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!