About our Distance Learning Programme:

This package consists of: 

1. an official admission of a pupil in a primary school with experience, an actual curriculum, clear objectives and tangible skills (please check the enrolment procedures)

2. an affordable package 

3. fun and hands-on activities 

4. a creative kit containing all the tools your child will need to do the project at home 

5. a personalised access to our online platform (video of presentation, step-by-step instructions, guided sessions in academic subjects such as French, Math, Science, a drop-box to send the homework to the teachers...)

6. one weekly online follow-up session with a qualified teacher

7. a check-list of expected skills - for parents to acknowledge what their child can do 

8. an email address for parents and pupils to share their questions and feedbacks with the team

9. an appreciation of the work done (and reward for outstanding projects) by the teachers

10. Progress reports at the end of the term.

General information:

Subjects involved in our projects: Languages (French, English, Spanish), Math, Science, History, Geography, Arts and Craft.

Age group : 5-11 years old

Project duration: 6 weeks (after each period, we have a mid-term break/ holidays before starting the next project)

Have a look at our School Calendar 

Teaching approach: Project-based-learning (in autonomy; one weekly online follow-up session with a qualified teacher) 

Package: Rs 7500 (for a 6-week period) 

Payment must be done one week before the beginning of the period to have access to the platform and receive our creative kit.

Our programme for Term 1:

January 11th - February 18th: Une idee de genie 

February 28th - April 8th: My First World Tour 

Our programme for Term 2:

25th April - 3rd June: L'univers des contes 

13th June - 22nd July: Women engaged for Freedom

Find out more about our third module "L'univers des contes"


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