Course objectives : Encourage pupils to read a humorist short text and accomplish various tasks to show understanding.

Describe the cover of a book

Read a story/ an advert

Answer questions and justify answers 

Write creative texts 

Introduce oneself and ones intentions

Write a resume and a letter of motivation

Draw an accurate poster

Match pictures and sentences. 

cow takes a bow_edited.jpg

Describe this picture (animal, outfit, colours, action, place, body language and emotion…)

  1. Read the text:


Today, the circus is in town. 


  • Hooray, says cow


Brown cow sets out to tack it down


  • I’d like a seat, please, says brown cow

  • The tent is full. There’s no room now


Here comes the boss. Cow sees him frown.


  • our clown’s not here. He’s let me down!

  • I’ll help, says cow. Just show me how

  • No time! The boss cries. You’re on now!


Cow slips and trips. She tries some tricks…but drops the pies and spills the bricks.

Her bicycle just spins around.

Her trumpet makes a silly sound.

Her juggling balls all hit the ground.

Her hat flies off.

Her pants fall down.


  • am i the biggest fool in town? It’s all gone wrong, brown cow flops down.

Now she’s the one who wears a frown.


  • I’m sorry I messed up! howls cow.

  • No, wait, the boss shouts. Don’t go now! Listen, he says.


The crowd shout, wow! Three cheers! Bravo! 


Cow takes a bow.

2. True or false? Justify your answer with a quote from the text:


  1. Cow wants to go to the circus.

  2. She manages to get a ticket in.

  3. The boss is not happy. 

  4. Cow wants to help.

  5. The boss shows her what to do

  6. Cow does everything wrong

  7. But at the end she is happy of her performance.

  8. The boss is proud of her.

  9. He asks her to stay

  10. At the end, cow gets a round of applause and bows.

Session 3: The Circus is in Town!

Cow sees a poster that indicates that the circus is in town.


Draw the poster​​ (with all relevant information on the poster: date, place...)

Session 4: Advert

1) Cow sees this advert and reads it:


We are urgently looking for a clown

for our circus that is today in town.

Candidates who attended Drama school would be great assets.

Past experience in a circus would be a plus.

Apply now

by writing to

Send us your Resume andletter of motivation to explain why you are fit for this job.

2) Cow wants to apply to the job


Prepare cow’s resume and letter of motivation.

Cow's resume should contain these information:

-Personal information (name, address, phone number, email address...)

-Past experience

- Qualifications

Session 5: Match

1) Read these sentences:


Cow slips and trips. 

She drops the pies.

She spills the bricks.

2) Associate an action to a sentence:

3) Here are three other funny moments when cow is on stage. Read those three sentences:

Her trumpet makes a silly sound.

Her juggling balls all hit the ground.

Her hat flies off and her pants fall down.

4) Illustrate those three moments.


Cow slips and trips_edited.jpg
Cow slips and trips_edited.jpg
Cow slips and trips_edited.jpg

Session 6: Cow stage outfit

Cow’s stage outfit does not suit her: her hat seems too small, her trousers/ pants too loose, her shoes and gloves far too big…

Help her create a more suitable outfit for her to wear on stage.



THANK YOU for participating in this exciting project. 

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Grade 4

  • Describe the main character of a story

  • Read a story 

  • Answer question

  • Write

  • Be creative.