Projet 5: Ma petite bibliothèque engagée  

Course aims: Introduce the topic of Biography through famous women.

Describe a picture; play a role

Learn new words

Write a description

Listen to a story and answer questions

Read and fill in a form

Create a mindmap and a timeline.

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Speaking: Picture description.

Imagine you are this girl. Make a monolog.


Vocabulary: a girl, sewing kit, a doll, a bag, a striped T-shirt (yellow and black), short dark hair.

Writing: Write 40-60 words on the cover of this book. Use the words above.

Listen to Coco's story:

Written comprehension: Answer these questions on the content


Is Coco her real name?

Was she different? How? (clothes, hair, writings on the board, hobbies)

She sewed day and night?

What was her dream?

Coco opened a hat shop?

She also made clothes?

She created a new style?

Did people like her clothes from the very beginning?

Speaking: Is Coco like her classmates? What makes her different? 

Writing: What about YOU? What makes you different from your classmates (hobbies? Dreams? …)

Reading and writing: Fill in this form I am a wonderwoman/ wonderman:

Your name:

Your date of birth:

Your story so far:

Your proudest moments:

What are your own dreams for the next year? The next 10 years? For your lifetime?


Explain why the book “Coco” is a biography. 


What is a biography? Why do we read biographies?


Create your Mindmap.

Let’s take the example of Coco’s biography.


How is it organised? 

Let’s take the example of Frida’s biography.


Read it:




Answer these questions about Frida:

What was Frida’s childhood like?

What were Frida’s dreams?

What happened to Frida?

How did she discover painting?

What inspired her?



Create Frida’s timeline.




Conditions d'utilisation

  • Discover Famous women 

  • Listen to a biography

  • Read a biography

  • Create a mindmap

  • Create a timeline

  • Explain what is a biography

  • Why do we read biographies?