The Fenix School is NOT just another primary school in Mauritius. It is a unique school set within a well-appointed building and a lush garden in the quiet, centrally situated area of St Paul.

It offers an alternative education and a supportive family atmosphere that nurture each pupil's interests and talents and promote physical and mental well-being in order to develop general knowledge and specific skills for all of them.


The Fenix School is a place where our pupils belong because we know how to find the best in them. We empower them by letting them play an active role in the school’s everyday life: they share ideas, give their personal opinion, propose options, collaborate with their classmates, take responsibilities...


Should you wish to find out more about The Fenix School, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are always very enthusiastic to meet parents who believe in our vision of education to talk about and visit the school, by appointment only. 



Modern parents believe that modern education should involve teaching approaches that not only focus on content knowledge but also develop interpersonal skills. And this is exactly what we do at The Fenix School!


  • To provide a rich and holistic education.

  • To nurture each pupil's interests and talents.

  • To promote physical and mental wellbeing through numerous ventures.

  • To encourage an appreciation of books, classical music and art.

  • To let children learn through play.

  • To build a deep commitment to common values and principles.

  • To let the pupils do on their own (,aide-moi à faire seul’ - Montessori)


  • To encourage MORE collaboration and promote socio-emotional skills


  • To help our pupils reinvest the knowledge learnt in the different subjects (transdisciplinarity)


  • To teach how to use their hands.


Our classes start at 9 a.m and end at 3 p.m every day, except Wednesday, when they finish at noon. 


Dressed in their crisp white polo shirts and black bermuda shorts, pupils can be seen reluctantly leaving the deep colourful bean bags that were crafted by Mauritian artisans. They must have been lured there by the books adorning the library ! Thankfully, their

disappointment is always short-lived as they make their way to their respective classroom where there's always something happening! They can also unleash their creative juices: Let them dance, sing or act!

Our pupils always feel at home, so much so that learning becomes an exciting journey of discovery. Whilst they benefit from the complete range of academic subjects, the focus on sports, arts and languages will insure the success of each and every student.


The Fenix School 
Bilingual Private Primary School 
Address: Koenig Lane - St-Paul  | Email: contact@thefenixschool.com | Phone: 5915 0251

The Fenix School is a unique school set within a well-appointed building and a lush garden in the quiet, centrally situated area of St Paul.